How an IV Drip Can Help You Beat Jet Lag

IV DripJet LagHow an IV Drip Can Help You Beat Jet Lag

October 18, 20230

Jet lag is always a difficult thing to work through. Regardless of how much fun you have had on your trip, feeling the impact of jet lag after returning home is bound to dampen the effect. There are a million and one old wives’ tales about how to beat it, but there are only a handful of tried and tested methods that actually get results. The information below is about IV drips and how they could help you get over the physical symptoms of jet lag.

Defining Jet Lag

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at what the term ‘jet lag’ really means. This is a condition that impacts people who have traveled into a different time zone, adjusted to a new routine, and then returned home. The natural rhythm of the body is discombobulated and there is an overwhelming sense of fatigue to contend with. So, it is fairly obvious how this condition impacts life, for instance, making it difficult to go back to work, etc.

When Does IV Drip Therapy Work Best?

Jet lag tends to last most traditionally for two to three days. If you are noticing the impact for longer than this, then IV drip therapy may be perfect for you! One of the major benefits is that it helps people reset and tune back into their regular routine, and it does this rapidly. It has become so popular, in fact, that people even book their appointments in advance as a preemptive measure.

What Is It?

IV drip therapy combines a number of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and vitamin C. The primary focus is to give the physical self a healthy and safe boost and reset things internally. Just like a regular IV drip, the ingredients are administered straight into your bloodstream so that they can have the highest impact.

Top Benefits for Combatting Jet Lag Explored

IV drips of this nature are designed for many different purposes, one of which is combatting the impact and side effects of jet lag. Let’s move through the various symptoms and discuss how an IV drip could provide support.


The number one consequence of jet lag is exhaustion. Anyone suffering from this condition will feel completely out of place and like they cannot possibly stay awake. Obviously, this is highly problematic because of how disruptive this would be to daily life. An IV drip treatment course aims to counteract this exhaustion head on through specific minerals or vitamins which are tailored for energy.


With feelings of exhaustion, comes irritability also. It is such a natural twist and turn of feeling tired, in fact, that it is almost expected! It is exceptionally difficult to think clearly and regulate emotions while in a state of high tiredness, and that is why those irritated responses set in. One session with an IV drip hooked up with the right vitamins and ingredients, and all of that irrationality will float away. It will leave your mind clear as a clear blue sky.

Concentration Disturbances

It is normal to have some level of cognitive disarray as you navigate the jet lag experience. Not being able to concentrate is frustrating and exhausting in its own right, and it may lead to low mood and even more intense exhaustion at the end of a long day at work or socializing. IV drips are designed to boost the mind gently and empower you to return to your full, functioning self.


Sometimes, this affliction can lead to insomnia as your circadian rhythm attempts to recalibrate back to where it ought to be. Insomnia is debilitating, as much so as exhaustion and the two tend to go hand in hand.

Why IV Drips Need a Professional Environment

There are clear benefits to having an IV drip treatment in a professional environment, where the clinicians are well-trained and understand exactly what to focus on. This is not a treatment, much like having tox injections, that you can dive into without knowing that the person at the helm is experienced and knows exactly what they are doing. There will be a health screening, and it is essential that any clinic that offers this type of service is maintained with the highest level of hygiene practice as well. This is not a treatment that should ever be done ‘for cheap’ or in a less than reputable establishment because it involves injecting a needle directly into your bloodstream.

Rally Me IV has the equipment, training, and professionalism needed to guide clients through the IV process. If you are struggling with the impact of jet lag, give us a call or head to the clinic to find out more about securing an appointment.