Tox InjectionsA Beginner’s Guide to Getting Tox for the First Time

January 24, 20240

Deciding to get Tox for the first time can be intimidating. However, with a few key steps, you can feel informed, prepared, and ready to get the most out of your treatment. This beginner’s guide covers everything you need to know as a first timer, from choosing a provider to what to expect during and after your appointment.

Choosing a Tox Provider

Your provider will make all the difference in your Tox results. Consider these factors as you select a qualified, reputable specialist:

Experience Level – Choose a provider who administers Tox regularly, not occasionally. An experienced injector will best understand facial anatomy and injection techniques to enhance your natural look. Ask how long they’ve been performing Tox treatments and the number of patients they’ve treated.

Board Certification – Select a provider who is board certified in their specialty, such as a board-certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or oculoplastic surgeon. This rigorous certification ensures extensive training and expertise.

Before and After Photos – Reputable injectors will provide before and after photos of real patients who’ve agreed to share their images. Assess if their results align with the natural look you want. Beware of providers using stock photos.

Office Setting – Only get treatments performed in a proper clinical setting like a doctor’s office, med spa, or specialty clinic. Tox should never be injected in non-medical settings.

Comfort Level – Make sure you feel completely comfortable with your chosen provider. Schedule a consultation to meet and discuss your goals. You should feel confident in their abilities and trust their aesthetic judgement.

Preparing for Your Tox Appointment

Once you select a provider, you’ll schedule your first Tox appointment. Here’s how to prepare:

Avoid Blood Thinners – Blood thinners like aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, and vitamin E can increase bruising. Stop taking them 1-2 weeks pre-treatment. Check with your provider for guidance.

No Alcohol – Alcohol also thins the blood and leads to increased bruising. Avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours prior to treatment.

Be Well Rested – Get a good night’s sleep before your appointment. Being well rested will keep you comfortable during your treatment.

Come Make-Up Free – Arrive to your appointment with a clean face – no make-up, creams, or oils, that can interfere with injection placement.

Wear a Button-Up Shirt – Wear a loose, button-up top to easily expose treatment areas without messing up your hair or make-up.

Arrive Early – Give yourself extra time to complete any intake paperwork and prepare for your treatment.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

The initial appointment will likely take 30-60 minutes. Here’s a step-by-step overview:

  • Consultation – You’ll discuss your concerns and goals for treatment with your provider. They’ll assess your facial anatomy and determine an appropriate treatment plan that’s exclusive to you.
  • Cleansing – Your face will be gently cleaned to remove make-up, oils, creams or lotions.
  • Mapping – Your provider will map out injection points by marking dots where the Tox will be administered.
  • Injections – Using a very fine needle, your provider will inject tiny amounts of Tox into the targeted facial muscles, like the forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines. Most patients report little if any discomfort.
  • Schedule Follow-Up – You’ll schedule a follow-up appointment to assess results in 1-2 weeks. Additional Tox can be administered if needed.

Post-Procedure Care

While you won’t see the effects of Tox for 2-3 days, here are some tips for after your treatment:

  • Avoid manipulating or massaging injection sites for 6 hours to prevent the Tox from migrating to other areas.
  • Stay upright for 3-4 hours; don’t lie down as this can also lead to migration.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise for 24 hours; sweat can irritate injection sites.
  • Use a cold compress to minimize swelling, redness, and bruising.
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication as needed for discomfort.
  • Call your provider if you experience excessive swelling, redness, pain, or other concerns.

When You’ll See Results

It takes 2-3 days for the Tox to fully kick in. You’ll notice a gradual smoothing of lines and creases during this time. Optimal results are seen after 1-2 weeks. Tox effects generally last 3-4 months. Maintaining your results involves follow-up appointments for additional injections.

Now that you’re equipped with a beginner’s guide, you can feel fully prepared and confident for your first Tox experience. Do your research, work with an experienced provider, and follow the pre- and post-treatment recommendations. With an informed, proactive approach, you can enjoy beautiful, natural-looking results.